Casket Prices

Schoppenhorst Underwood & Brooks Funeral Home offers an extensive selection of caskets which includes a variety of wood and metal burial options with customized fabric interiors.  All our caskets are union constructed in the United States and come with full warranties and benefits offered by the manufacturing companies that serve our facility.  Schoppenhorst Underwood & Brooks believes that the final disposition of your loved one should be handled with respect and dignity by offering our families only quality products at very fair prices.  In addition to our fair prices, we do not charge an additional cost for oversized caskets,  Scroll down to view a small sampling of available caskets and their prices.

Redding Silver $795
Holloway Copper $995
Gemini $995
Patton 1123 $1,195
Spectra Black $1,265
Carey Coral Mist $1,370
278 Atlantic Blue $1,380.00
Virgo Silver $1,385
Taurus Silver $1,395
Alpine White $1,570
Antique Blue $1,670
Sand 059 $1,570
Northside Black Trojan $1,770
Crystal Blue $1,770
Sierra Bronze $1,770
Tuscany $1,870
Indigo Blue $2,160
Auburn Sunset $2,160
Sydney Blue $3,470
Venetian $7,960
Libra Red Veneer $1,365
Trenton Poplar Veneer $1,885
Dalton Poplar $1,785
23rd Psalm $2,010
Dakota Poplar $2,270
Lincoln Poplar $2,470
Magnolia Poplar $2,620
Virginia Rose Maple $2,960
Hearth Side $3,000
Southern Pecan $3,030
Pieta Maple $3,260
Dover Oak $3,511
Chesapeake Cherry $3,511
Embassy Cherry $3,760