The Casket Store sells caskets and vaults at a very reasonable price; however, there are some precautions to consider. 

First, all casket store caskets have the hardware fixed to the casket with self-tapping screws.  There have been cases when handles on the caskets have actually broken off the casket while being carried.  All Schoppenhorst Underwood & Brooks caskets have hardware and handles bolted onto the casket, which makes for a safer situation when being carried. 

Second, be careful when purchasing a burial vault from a casket store.  In order to purchase burial vaults at low prices, the casket store usually buys unlined vaults.  These simply cannot keep water from entering the vault.  At Schoppenhorst Underwood & Brooks all our burial vaults are fully lined and come with full warranties and benefits offered by the manufacturers. The prices of these vaults begin at $1295 which include delivery to and installation at the cemetery. 

Third, Schoppenhorst Underwood & Brooks caskets and vaults are union constructed in the United States.  Casket store caskets and vaults are made off shore. 

Schoppenhorst Underwood & Broods believes that the final disposition of your loved one should be handled with respect and dignity by offering our families only quality products at very fair prices that can actually save you hundreds of dollars. 


Yes, we are independently owned.